Released FBA Suite 2013 v2.1

July 30, 2013

- fixed ribbon issues on standard SharePoint document libraries and lists - fixed issues on login page using context from sub site collection

FBA Suite for SharePoint 2013 is released!

May 02, 2013

We released FBA Suite for SharePoint 2013 today, a new version comes out from the 2010 release, migration is very easy. Licensing and pricing conditions remained unchanged.

Released v1.5

October 18, 2012

- incorect url addresses on subweb for EventLog - displayed EditRole dialog for root site instead current - Important Messages databind exception

FBA Suite for SharePoint 2013 coming in March 2013

August 20, 2012

We are currently testing changes of FBA Suite for SharePoint Extranets and waiting for the final RTM release of SharePoint 2013. All current FBA Suite features will be preserved in the future version, upgrade to the new version will be very simple and takes just a few minutes!

Released v1.4

July 03, 2012

New feature: Home Url - new system field to redirect to home url after user is successfully logged in, delegate access, automatic username composition. Bugfixes - see details

Released v1.3

April 13, 2012

Version 1.3 brought a WCF service to consuming functions of FBA Suite. Now you can completely manage users stored in SQL Membership database from your application or addon using simple and powerful WCF feature, create and manage their user profiles, change passwords, and many other features.

Released v1.2

April 06, 2012

We allow a simple way to create user profiles, administrators can define the required information and permissions for editing, users can manage these own metadata entered during self-registration and can be also managed using a new webpart after login.

Released v1.1

January 29, 2012

Redesigned login and registration form, allow change company logo on login and registration form, important messages, SMTP configuration. See details for all changes.

Released v1.0

November 02, 2011

We published the first version of FBA Suite for SharePoint 2010.