FBA Suite for SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 is a unique solution for easy and secure management of external users for your business solution. With FBA Suite solution You can easily manage and monitor users that are not stored inside sensitive structure of your enterprise Active Directory.

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  • User management
    • Create / edit / delete users
    • Manage user properties
    • Reset & change passwords
    • Assign users to SharePoint groups & Membership roles
    • Ability to set security policies
    • Custom user profile fields
      (you can define custom user profile fields, these fields are also shown on the registration form)
    • Unlocking users
      (when maximum password attempts exceeded)
    • Approving users
    • Email address validation
      (during self registration or activated on demand)
    • Bulk user import
    • Bulk e-mail for multiple users
    • Automatic login name composition during self registration using predefined templates
      (user can still specify own login name)
    • Display of all sites that a user has access to
  • Role management (membership roles)
  • Customizable email templates
  • Built-in or custom email server configuration
  • A seamless login experience for all users
  • Custom prepared login screen
    • Login - the possibility of using Forms or Active Directory user
    • Forgotten Password
    • Registration
  • Password expiration policy and notifications
  • Ability to require users to agree with "Terms and Conditions"
  • Custom change password and QA user menu for current user
  • Configurable webparts
    • Login Webpart
    • Forgotten Password Webpart
    • Registration Webpart
    • Change Password Webpart
    • Change Question and Answer Webpart
  • AJAX-based User Interface
  • Captcha validation
  • Fully packaged installer
  • Simple, familiar, and easy to use
  • SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 Foundation & Server Supported
  • Remote Extranet installation as service - check it on order form
    (we will prepare your SharePoint Extranet environment & configure a farm)

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